Ogre Interactive Record Sheets

I started playing Ogre in the early 1980s, and I've loved the game and the setting ever since.

For my own use, I developed this set of interactive record sheets. If you play Ogre and find these interactive record sheets useful, feel free to use them.

I have to thank SJG for letting me make this set of interactive record sheets. I also have to thank the various folks in the SJG Ogre forum for all their input as I worked the kinks out of these record sheets.

Someone asked for a version they could use offline. You can often retrieve a page from your browser's cache. If not, though, here's a zip file that contains the whole project. You can install it wherever and get the pages from there.

There's no license on my work for this project, by the way. If you want to use this little bit of code for something, go for it. If I gave you an idea for something and you want to say I did, great. If not, no problem.


Jay Bryant

Steve Jackson Games