Ogre Mark III
Main Battery (Atk4, Rng 3, Def 4)1
Secondary Batteries (Atk 3, Rng 2, Def 3)4
AP Batteries (Atk 1, Rng 1, Def 1)8
External Missiles (Atk 6, Rng 5, Def 3)2
Tread Units: 45
Move: 3
The first really successful front-line unit, the Mark III became a mainstay of both Paneuropean and Combine forces. It has 1 main battery, 4 secondary batteries, and 8 anti-personnel batteries. It also carries two large missiles in exterior launching tubes. It starts the game with 45 tread units. The Mark III was the first Ogre designed from the ground up. It was a truly massive machine, carrying over two meters of BPC armor. It was turretless and articulated; the trademark "tower" was capable of folding back for hull-down concealment. This was the first Ogre to carry missiles. During the Last War there were more Mark IIIs built than any other type of Ogre. When England fell to Paneurope in 2079, the Sheffield factory was captured almost intact, and within four months it was producing Mark III units for the Paneuropeans; Thus, for the majority of the war, both sides had Ogres. The Paneuropeans called their Mark III the "Legionnaire."
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