Ogre Mark III-B
Main Battery (Atk4, Rng 3, Def 4)2
Secondary Batteries (Atk 3, Rng 2, Def 3)4
AP Batteries (Atk 1, Rng 1, Def 1)8
External Missiles (Atk 6, Rng 5, Def 3)4
Tread Units: 45
Move: 3
The III-B is an up-gunned variant of the standard Ogre Mark III. It is armed with 2 main batteries, 4 secondary batteries, 8 anti-personnel batteries, and 4 missiles. Like the Mark III, it starts the game with 45 tread units. The Sheffield factory did not have III-B templates; this model was thus not found in the Paneuropean order of battle. Combine planners apparently never made up their minds whether the III-B was a good idea, or whether the extra weaponry was too large an investment to trust to the III's chassis. A III-B was significantly more expensive than a III.
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