Ogre Mark IV
Main Battery (Atk4, Rng 3, Def 4)1
Secondary Batteries (Atk 3, Rng 2, Def 3)2
AP Batteries (Atk 1, Rng 1, Def 1)8
Missile Racks (Def 4)3
Internal Missiles: (Atk6, Rng 5)15
Tread Units: 56
Move: 4
This was designed as a fast strike Ogre. The Mark IV has 1 main battery, 2 secondary batteries, 8 anti-personnel batteries, and 3 missile racks. It carries 15 missiles in its storage bays, and starts the game with a move of 8" and 56 tread units. The Mark IV was part of a two-pronged Combine plan to improve on the Mark III - knowing as they did that the Fencer was in development and that a Fencer would be able to beat a Mark III one-on-one. Rather than build one cybertank that would do everything, Combine planners designed the Mark IV for speed and long-range striking power, and the Mark V as a slugger The Mark V was essentially just an improved III or III-B, and passed its trials quickly. The Mark IV proved fragile at first, and was not deployed until Mexico City in 2086 - which is why no Mark IV templates were captured at Sheffield.
Steve Jackson Games